Harley Owners Group, Toronto Chapter

Toronto HOG Chapter #9743

Toronto HOG Chapter #9743 - Swag Merchandise

Toronto HOG members may order any of our Toronto HOG Chapter merchandise from our Swag Officer, Reza Nikjoo. Send your requests to him at swag@torontohog.com with the size, colour and model number of the item(s) you would like. Please understand that not all merchandise is on hand, so we have to have enough paid orders to make a bulk order. Also, this HOG merchandise will be made specifically for Toronto HOG, so you must have your order in by a specific date or allow sufficient time for it to be produced.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Swag Officer, Reza Nikjoo, at swag@torontohog.com to confirm if he has the item(s) you are looking for on hand or has to place an order.


Toronto HOG members may also shop directly from the website.  If you do this, please remember that you are personally responsible for all aspects of your purchase, including payment, follow-up, and delivery.

** Note: All prices in the catalogue are USD pricing, so our Swag Officer will confirm the CAD pricing for you when placing the order. The final price(s) will include shipping and customs clearance costs of the bulk order from the United States.  You may confirm your payment method (cash or e-transfer) directly with our Swag Officer, Reza Nikjoo.